Hello, Neocuber! How are you?

Site is dedicated to a new generation of Magnetic Designer - NeoCube. Here you can find the largest collection of video tutorials on designing figures from NEOCUBE, as well as many other interesting information. Site materials are constantly replenished, so that will not be bored! Join now!

What is neocube?

These beads 216, consisting of the most powerful natural magnet, neodymium. With the features of the magnetic fields, can be balls of different shapes, two or three-dimensional!

How many shapes can be made from neocube?

Countless. Number limited only by your imagination. If fantasy is not enough, on the Internet, you can find many manuals and instructional videos on the design of the figures neocube. On our site you will find a huge collection of such instructions! And their number is constantly growing!

How many balls in the kit? The standard set neokub is a cube with the number of balls on the height length and width - 6 * 6 * 6. Just 216 balls. But nothing prevents you to buy 2.3, 4 ... Neocube that would do the most incredible figure!